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How to Make Shapewear Your Costume this Halloween Season

How to Make Shapewear Your Costume this Halloween Season

How to Incorporate Shapewear into Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is around the corner—but if you’re like many of us, you’re looking to create a costume that makes you look good, rather than spooky. Buying a costume from a Halloween store means committing to cheap fabric, an expensive outfit that you’ll only wear once, and measurements that may not leave you looking your best. If you create your own costume—or reinforce a costume you have—with shapewear, you’ll not only look your absolute best… You’ll also have pieces on hand that you can use throughout the year.

The question is—how do you incorporate shapewear into your Halloween costumes? Rather than outright scary, let’s delve into how you can use shapewear to make yourself look scary good.

1. Bodysuits = Sexy

A shapewear bodysuit is one of the greatest pieces to have in your proverbial back pocket. You can do so much with a bodysuit! Dress it up with a pencil skirt for an office-friendly look that has your waist snatched. Accent it with shorts or a pair of jeans in order to come off as sexy and casual all at once. Or… give it just the right amount of flair to ensure that you’re looking hot this Halloween. It can be difficult to war a sexy Halloween costume when you’re on the curvier side, or just don’t feel fully confident about your body. The great thing about a shaping bodysuit is that it can nip in your waist and smooth out any lumps and bumps you’re worried about. You could keep it simple and straightforward if you’re going to a skin-friendly costume party. Throw on a black bodysuit over a pair of flesh-toned or black tights, wear some sky-high heels, and wear a pair of animal ears. You could evoke the look of a Playboy Bunny, a sexy catwoman, or—as a famous movie says—“A mouse—duh!” it’s a simple, perennial look that will leave you feeling like a million bucks in the right shapewear.

2. Try Vamping it Up

You don’t have to get overly complex with your Halloween look—a lot of us don’t have the time, between work and family, to hunt down a complex costume. However, you can still look great while at the same time having a piece that you can dress down for “normal wear”. Consider buying a shapewear dress. You can do virtually anything with the right kind of slinky dress, especially if you buy in black. A long-sleeved black shapewear dress will leave you looking flawless, and it’s easy to put on a wig or part your hair down the middle—with some help from a straightening iron and makeup—for a Morticia Addams look. Additionally, you could simply choose a witch’s hat, vampire fangs, and some fake blood to become something of a “monster” for Halloween. A long-sleeved shapewear dress is both comfortable for Halloween and perfect for after the holiday.

3. Reinforce Your Costume

When you look for “slimming” Halloween costumes, you may see references to corsets. There are a couple of issues with this. For one thing, Halloween costume corsets are usually cheaply made. While they may push up your breasts, they aren’t very slimming, often creating more lumps and problem areas than you expected. Conversely, shapewear can give you the snatched look you want, while at the same time enhancing your curves in all the right places. If you wear the right kind of shapewear, you can enjoy the type of Halloween costume that leaves you looking less like a monster and more like a bombshell. Consider butt-lifting shorts with lace trim to enhance your derriere in a skimpy costume—or wear a sexy bodysuit that tightens your waist and does all that a proper corset would without redistributing your weight in a way that’s less than flattering.

4. Choose Shapewear That Supports Without Showing

The big fear that a lot of people have with shapewear is simply this: will it show? You may be familiar with high coverage shapewear, or slips that are transparently visible underneath your clothes. However, you may get the look you want without making it clear that you’re wearing shapewear underneath your costume if you buy wisely. For one thing, it’s a better idea to invest in long-term, high-quality shapewear. This will ensure that you’re wearing pieces that don’t show lines. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re wearing a costume with more coverage, you should wear higher coverage costumes underneath. Choose bodysuits that extend over your legs while accommodating your breasts and bra in order to avoid the standard panty lines. And if you’re wearing a revealing costume—don’t worry! Popilush has shapewear that can give you a streamlined look while allowing you to flash some skin. A thong bodysuit that plunges low enables you to  show off your cleavage, reinforcing your figure at the same time. 

Quite often, wearing the right shapewear for Halloween is less about the specific pieces you buy than it is about buying from the right producers. You don’t want to buy something flimsy ad cheap for Halloween—rather, you need something durable, smoothing, and appealing without sacrificing comfort. That’s why we invite you to explore Popilush shapewear this Halloween season. You won’t regret it!